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Our Story..

Only the best presented to you..

Patisserie by Lu is a Singapore based home bakery. We launched the patisserie with the aim of offering gourmet desserts and baked goods at an affordable price and not to mention, we only use premium ingredients in our home bakery. 

It all started with a passion in creation of desserts and baked goods, slowly becoming a therapeutic process and now we want to share this gourmet experience with you too! As cliché as it sounds, the founder of Patisserie by Lu actually gave up her full time job in accordance to pursue this passion of hers! 

At Patisserie by Lu, each product goes through a R&D process ranging from 3 to 6 weeks to find the perfect balance before we open to the public simply because we only want to present the best to you just like what we would do with our family and friends too. Of course not all products make it to the final launch due to certain expect that is not within our control.

At Patisserie by Lu, recipes are refined over and over again making sure that it is at its best before presenting it to you. Every little detail is thought out carefully to ensure a great experience. 

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